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Welcome to our First Aid Equipment and Supply division.  All equipment and supplies are "paramedicine" quality items.  First aid kits are also available, as well as customized kits and other safety products.  A sample list of products include:

Nitrile Gloves - size large (box of 50)

Triangular Bandages

Alcohol Wipes (box of 200 pads)

Nitrile Gloves - size medium (box of 50)

Small Pressure Bandage

Eye Pad (10 pack)

Quick Splint 

Large Pressure Bandage

Standard First Aid Book

Sharpes Container

Cold Pack  & Hot Pack

Silver Rescue Blanket

Paramedic Scissors (15cm)

4" Roller Conform Gauze 

6" Roller Conform Gauze 

2 x 2 Gauze Pad (pack of 5)

4 x 4 Gauze Pad (pack of 5)

Bandaids (pack of 25)

Bandaids (box of 100)

Tape: 1 inch transpore

Antiseptic Wipes (box of 100)

Antiseptic Gel (4 oz bottle)

Antiseptic Gel (540 ml pump)

To order supplies, please contact us at

Skymedical EHS also provides a customized "First Aid Kit", "Emergency First Aid Trauma Kit" and "WSIB Level 1 Ontario First Aid Kits".  Please contact us for more information at

PERSONAL FLU PREVENTION KITS: Antiseptic Wipes, non-latex gloves, N-95 mask and your choice of packaging.

Skymedical EHS supplies LifePak and LifeLine Defibrillators and accessories. If there is something not listed on our order form, please let us know and we will find it for you.